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Portfolio Viewer on Computer World

Created: September 13, 2008 / Updated: September 13, 2008

There is a great article on Computerworld and PC World called "Running on AIR: Great office apps you can get now" and lists out several great AIR applications.  You can find the article on Computerworld here and on PC World here (same article, but there are screenshots of the apps on the Computerworld article).

One reason that I like this article is because it lists my own Portfolio Viewer application as one of the "great" AIR apps.  I have to say I agree completely with the author here.  The author mentions that I am working on some new features for Portfolio Viewer and that a new release is going to come out in the next couple of months.  If you haven't tried the application yet, go to and give it a shot.  If you have tried it and have any feature requests, let me know what they are and I will try to get them in to the next release.  You can contact me throught he contact link at the top of this page or through the feedback feature in the Portfolio Viewer application.

Other than mentioning my application, there were several other intriguing applications mentioned.  One of them, MiniTask, I started using as soon as I read about it and am very impressed.  It is just a simple task list application but it does its job pretty well and look good too.  Another one I look forward to trying out is Klok which is used to help track time for freelancers.

Take a look at the article try out some of the AIR applications, especially Portfolio Viewer.

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