Mental Echo

Portfolio Viewer

Portfolio Viewer is a Flash based desktop application for tracking the performance of your financial investments. This is not meant to be a full replacement of Microsoft Money or Quicken, but it does offer some of the same features when it comes to tracking investments. And best of all, it is FREE!
Key Features
  • Track multiple portfolios
  • Works in online and offline modes (all portfolio information stored locally on your computer)
  • Receive price updates
  • Lookup stock/fund ticker symbols
  • View stock/fund profiles and news
  • Import investments in Quicken, Microsoft Money, and an Excel formats
  • Performance Charts at the portfolio and investment level.
    • Portfolio/Investment value over time
    • Portfolio/Investment gain over time
    • Portfolio/Investment yearly rate of return
  • Allocation Charts
    • Percent allocation of each investment in the portfolio
    • Percent allocation in stocks/bonds/cash
    • Percent allocation in large cap/mid cap/small cap stocks
    • Percent allocation in growth/value/blend stocks